Dreamhowl Writes

I'm a pet parent, plant mom, and a writer. I work in the pet industry, and care for critters with fins, scales, fur, and feathers. I love books, podcasts, and video games. My favorite authors include Anne McCaffrey, Brandon Sanderson, Jack Campbell, and Robert Jordan. Science fiction and fantasy are my favorite genres.

I have been a HubPages writer since 2012. I write articles about video games, pets, and other topics. I graduated from the HubPages Apprenticeship Program in 2013. Several of my articles have been awarded “Hub of the Day”, and one earned “Best Hub on LevelSkip" in 2016. I attended the Maven Coalition Conference in 2018 as one of 20 HubPages authors!

I've wasted so much time on social media, customizing profiles and making things "pretty". I know that reviving my dead Wordpress blog would start with hours of customization - a new theme, new cover photos, and more. It would be less about sharing my writing, which was my original goal. So I am starting fresh, on a minimal platform, with just my words.